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Call Guardian 301 - ordering additional handsets and Technical Question

To Sales,


I already have one Call Guardian answering machine with 2 handsets and I'm very happy with them. I would like to purchase a set for an elderly relative plus an additional 3 handsets, 2 for her and an extra handset for myself. 


The local Telstra stores stock the twin base set but not the extra handsets and tell me that they are unable to get them in for me. That means I have to order them over the phone which I just tried to do. The lovely lady tells me that I am up for $12 postage on each item. That's an extra $36 for the additional handsets or $48 postage if I order everything together and save myself a separate trip to your local store. 


Local stock

Why can't the local stores order the additional handsets in for me to save myself and others the cost of freight? Or even stock them in the first place which they tell me they don't and are unable to do. 


Compatibility with medi - alert systems

Also, will there be any conflict with this type of phone when used side by side with a monitored personal alert system - my relative is not yet on NBN but has a medi alert installed.


Thanks, Sharen. 



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Re: Call Guardian 301 - ordering additional handsets and Technical Question

Hi Sharni49 - welcome to Crowd Support!


I have passed your feedback along to my one ups regarding a store's ability to order stock, you are quite right, it does seem ridiculous that they cannot do this.


As for the medi-alert system compatibility, being unfamiliar with this device I won't be able to say for certain. If the medi-alert plugs into a separate phone outlet in the wall, there should be no problems of compatibility; it would be the same as having a different handset plugged into different phone ports around the house.

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Re: Call Guardian 301 - ordering additional handsets and Technical Question

Thanks for your assistance. 



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