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Overhead Line height

We have a Telstra telephone and probably data feed that crosses our private property to feed to properties next to our own.

Our cable / NBN feed is underground.


The aerial cable that crosses our driveway from a nature strip power pole is at a height of less than three metres at one point and also interferes with my desire to install a shade sail to help with the continual nightime droppings of possum poo etc onto our car.

I have had contact with Telstra and they sent someone to look and they now claim that it is at a safe height.


I asked for a letter stating that in the opinion of Telstra that the cable was at a safe height and they refused.

Given that the underground cables go past the next door properties, I was suggesting that if Telstra could not raise the cable, then given the demand that we all move to NBN system within the next 18 months ( as we have already done) then why not connect these properties to the underground service as we have done?


The only answer I could get from someone in what sounded like a call centre, was that if I believed it was at a dangerous height, then I could apply and pay for the work to be done as I suggested.


Has anyone else ben in a simlar situation and been able to resolve it without recourse to Ombudsman or other means?

Location is in the Caulfield South area.

Thanks for any replies.



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