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Can I upgrade my Samsung S4 on a $39 staff plan to a later model



I have a mobile  which in a Samsung S4 that has been paid out on a $39/month staff plan.  I want to upgrade the handset to a later model (Samsung S edge) but I am told either my manager has to organize this or a Telstra owned shop and my manager doesn't know what the process is.


Are you able to organize staff discounts from you shop or would I need to go to Morley (I think this is a Telstra owned shop) ?


If we are supposed to be able to get a discount on equipment etc they don't make it easy Smiley Happy


My contact details are:


Kim Collisson


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Can I upgrade my Samsung S4 on a $39 staff plan to a later model

Kim, the stores generally don't monitor this site and it is not an Official Telstra Customer support channel as such. Mainly Customers supporting Customers (plus a few staff who hang around and moderate).


Also, it is a public forum, so you shouldn't publish your personal information (phone number, email, etc).


You would need to call the store directly on (08) 6296 7713

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