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Poor service...

Hi telstra,


Been trying to get my services connected for 4 weeks now, not single telstra employee has been able to provide any information on my services.


Josh (D773306) from the Telstra store in Gungahlin, you said you would resolve my issue, you dumped me into another teams queue and i had to explain everything again, you never called back and now your not contactable.


Qayyum (D770290) you assured my services would be connected but no progress has been made, your call back links never went to you but just placed me back into the queue and Ive had to explain the situation again and again and now your not contactable.


Why will no one provide any consistent information about my services and when i try to explain that Telstra has the wrong address for the service you keep assuring me that my service is working and running. how can that be possible when there is no RJ45 port installed yet or the box?


So disappointed that 13 Telstra employees have dealt with request and its still not up and running and im paying for it.


Absolutely a detractor. 

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Re: Poor service...


I'm sorry to tell you that the stores do not usually read these messages.


You may wish to use 24/7 Live chat with your problem​:Consumer


The people here are customers like yourself, so I am very sad for your experience you state.

Possibly one of the Telstra staff moderators will contact you.  Thank you

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