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Told a lie.

Yesterday Tuesday 30 July 2019 I went to Telstra Shop Gungahlin intending to place an order for Telstra Tough Max T85 phone. They had one on display.


Female "sales" person said: "No longer manufactured, no longer available".


Would you sell me the phone on display? "No".


I have since queried ZTE Australia, they confirm they are manufacturing T85's and hold stocks in Australia, "readily available",  so why did the "sales person" lie and her male colleague agree with her?


I've now placed an order for the phone with Telstra online. I'm going to take the matter of the lie further up the chain of command. From now on there will be a special place in my heart for Telstra Shop Gungahlin. 

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Told a lie.

Hey Defender2200,

I'm sorry to learn of the frustrating experience in store, this is never what we want for our customers. Having come from Telstra's Retail Environment though, I might be able to shed some light on the matter.


Store stock and online stock don't share the same source, I have no idea why but they come from separate places - it's not uncommon for phones to be able to be purchased online long after they were no longer available in store. If the phone has or is about to go end of life (which I have been unable to determine) and the store sold through their stock, they may elect not to order more. Not having been in retail for some years, I have to defer to the advice they provided - they are in a better position than me to know. Let me put it this way, as sales people, why wouldn't they sell you one if they could arrange it?


In regards to selling you the display model, these aren't technically in a store's stock, so won't be recognised by the POS system, and are registered (using their IMEI code) in such a way that prevents them being added to stock.


ZTE manufacture for countries and networks around the globe, so that they are still making the phone does not mean that Telstra will continue to sell it.


Glad to learn you were able to source the device you were after, even if it wasn't via the method you'd hoped.

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Re: Told a lie.

Good afternoon Big_Dan,


I had first approached Telstra Business Shop in Fyshwick. They accepted the order, checked on availability and later the day of order they called me to say delivery would be delayed by 2-3 weeks, if I wanted the phone sooner they suggested I try the retail shops. That's why I went to Gungahlin.


When Gungahlin told me "not available" I wondered if Fyshwick were having trouble finding a T85 hence their advise of a delay, hoping I might get one somewhere else thus relieving them of the task of finding one.


By this time it was evening, shops closed. I emailed ZTE. Knowing I wouldn't get a reply until today at the earliest I went onto Telstra's site and upon confirmation of availability decided to resolve the matter myself there and then; ordered the phone.


Telstra confirmed a delivery of about two weeks, T85's are not common stock, only some major provincial stores keep one or two in stock, they are not a city slicker's phone. ZTE advise they keep ample stocks, they also advised me of the different specification of display devices and ownership.


Gungahlin's response to my query has cost Fyshwick store a sale, I prefer to buy from local bricks and mortar merchants.








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