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Terrible Customer service - All you had to do is call!

Hi there
I had requested a bundle service at Telstra Hornsby branch first time and signed paper on 5th Nov then paid $300 in advance because staff notified I do not have credit histroy with them before, it is totally fine and understand. Also advised me 3-4 days will get modem,5-7 business days to get internet on. After one week, 12th Nov I have nothing to receive. I have been Rhodes branch on 11 Nov to check how was my request, finally I just known my request has not been submit on the website,so the staff did not complete my request. Therefore, I was not happy already, I was silly to check my mailbox for 5 days. I have been the Hornsby branch 12 Nov to ask them to cancel my request and get refund, i know it is only store manager who can authorise to do it. At first,one of staff asked basic details and checked in their computer for my background, he didn’t say much, it means my service does not complete at all.otherwise, they will explain to me confidently.
ok that is fine. I have been waiting store manager for 30 mins. I do not understand why a store manager can not be in store when someone need his advise during working time. I am a pregnant lady, I lost my patience, getting mad. The store manager was explained to me as maybe charged your $300, the back-up should be fine with your request. What are you talking about? Kidding me? I just said I do not want to listen anything, cancel and refund please. He looks like upset to do it, and I told him you are not even say sorry to your client to wait for you 30 mins. The store manager said to me he is not happy because I always interrupted his explaination, if you do not listen to me, LEAVE THE STORE NOW. For my situation I would like you to comfirm cancellation, I do not mind to take few days to get refund. Unfortunately he is not sure and even let myself to deal with 132200. I told him, can I use you store phone to call your billing department to confirm. He is getting mad with me. I do not understand how come he can be a store manager and very rude to your client, even told me do not teach him how to treat his clients. I was very shocking for this terrific customer service.
I paid $300 in advance to gain your trust, however where is your company credit ability on your client side, it is not fair. It is useless if the company is still hiring this manager, will lose many clients.

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Re: Terrible Customer service - All you had to do is call!

Hi Yiqi888,


Thanks for reaching out on Telstra Crowd Support, I'm truly sorry you had this experience in a Telstra Store, this is certainly not what we want to hear. Instead of asking you to contact our billing team again, I would recommend filling in a complaint form here http://tel.st/zb8gw and letting me know the SR reference number at the end of the form. If we need to investigate your issue further, we aim to resolve the matter or communicate to you an action plan, within five business days. While your issue is being investigated, we will provide you with updates on our progress so that you are aware of what is happening with your complaint.


Please let me know how you go filling in the form, please note that the form only has a maximum capacity for 2200 characters. To make things easier for you, please only fill in the form with a small summary and you can always provide more information to the case manager if you need when they contact you.


Please let me know how you go.



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