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Poor customer support from Telstra Hurstville

At the start of the year I went to Telstra Hurstville to sign up to a new phone plan to be used as my new work phone.


After receiving and paying the first 2 bills I noticed that I had been charged twice for the month of January. I first took the inquiry to the Hurstville store to be initially told that there was nothing wrong and that is just how the system works (which is not the case) and only due to continuing to remonstrate the point did they look further into it and told me that it was in fact an error and would be rectified on the next bill. When the next months bill arrived the same problem was still occurring, so I went back to the store to again let them know the mistake had not been fixed. This time I spoke to Sam (who signed me up) who agreed it was incorrect and took copies of my bills as he promised to get it fixed and get back to me. I think it may have been the next day that I received a call where a voice message was left saying "the picture of the date was wrong and there is nothing to worry about" and that the person calling would "get back to me as soon as possible". After no further correspondence I then received the next bill which continued to show the same issue again. 


I again went back to the store, however they have shut there doors for what I can only think would be COVID-19 related, so I then tried calling the store to continue to try and fix the situation only to be greeted with a voice message saying they were all currently busy and to leave a message so they could get back to me by COB the same day, which i did. It has now been a further 3 business days yet no one has got back to me. I tried calling the store again today and got the same voice message.


What do I need to do to get this billing issue fixed ASAP?


What does one have to do to get decent customer service and rectify a mistake that Telstra has made and already admitted to? It is becoming beyond a joke and I am now looking to take this further as it does not look like it is going to be be fixed dealing with the Hurstville store.

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