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Up grading for more data

I am from WA but stuck in Fernvale Qld due to Covid and want to increase my data. I presently have a Nighthawk M1 on a 30gb @ $50 pre-paid plan. I want to increase this to at least 60gb.
I see a couple of plans that should work for me, 60gb @ $50 with no excess data charges and another 60gb @ $60 with no excess data charges. I don't understand the reason for the difference. I don't mind data speeds slowing but I don't want to have to recharge in the middle of something.
My problem is that because I am from WA my licence etc is all at a WA address and obviously it is pointless pursuing this online as SIM etc will be sent there. 
The last time I did this online was via a chat and everything was able to be changed with no new SIM or anything else required but it seems this facility isn't available at this time.
How can I upgrade my M1 for more data pls?

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