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Adding an additional mailbox with a different user password

I am tryiing to add a 3rd email accout / email box for another family member to use . I already have 2 mail addresses which I set up and access using my account name and password, but the new box needs to have its own seperate password. When I try and set up an additional box it seems that I have to use my existing user name and password to do this and then change it - result all three boxes would then have the same (new) password. Am I missing something here? Surely all the mailboxes ( accounts?) I set up within the total number allowed aren't expeted to have to use thesame password.



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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Adding an additional mailbox with a different user password

Are you using My Account Manage Email Accounts to add the new account?




Using that site a new email account can be added with a different password.

When the password is change for one email account the password in other email accounts are not changed.


Add_Extra_Email Account.JPG


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