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All email messages have disappeared!

For the third time in just over six months I have lost all of my emails for my Bigpond email address only.  This includes on my PC (Windows 10), when I log into my webmail and also on my phone.  My accounts are set up as IMAP, not POP.  On the first occassion (Dec 2016), Telstra were unable to assist and after several phone calls, I put it down to me doing something stupid.  On the second occassion, there were messages from Telstra (on this forum), saying that a glitch had occurred and all emails would be reinstated eventually (which did not occur in my case).  Now this evening, all of my emails have disappeared again.  In this day and age, most people receive their accounts via email along with a large amount of other correspondence, on previous occassions this has cost me in late fees for accounts that I did not pay, due to them being deleted from my emails and further looking like an idiot when I did not respond to various emails (not sure if apologising due to disappearing emails is going to wash for a third time). 


Please Telstra, for the love of God, please give me a solution to this ongoing issue.  This email (which I have had for over a decade) is the last hold you have on me and the reason I have not sought to change providers in the past (lazy, I know) but it's just not worth it, if I cannot be assured that I retain the emails that I receive.  Please reinstate all of my emails or I will be forced to extract my digit and remove this email from all of my listings with service providers and use the good old gmail or outllook that has proved to be so damn reliable in the time that I have had them.  Also tried to use the 24/7 chat in an attempt to resolve this problem this evening, but guess what?, it was not available.  If you haven't already gauged by the tone of this message, I'm pretty bloody fed up with this situation, and I understand that this is a forum for customers to assist other customers, but I cannot think of another way to get in contact with Telstra.  My previous experiences with phone contact have been pointless and a waste of time, 24/7 does not seem to have the same meaning for Telstra as the rest of the world with respect to their online chat services (heads up guys, it means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).


Anyway, any assistance at all would be greatly appreciated, please I would love it to be a simple error on my part and will happily retract my negative comments regarding Telstra if this happens to be the case.  Help me please.

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Re: All email messages have disappeared!

If you're absolutely positive that you don't have a computer somewhere that is downloading them all via POP, I think you should make steps to move away from Bigpond email as your primary mailbox.

You could use Gmail or and add your Bigpond account as an additional email account so that you can send and receive the Bigpond emails all from within the Gmail or platform.
Not to mention that these two providers will play much nicer on your phone.



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Re: All email messages have disappeared!

Thank you so much for your response, it was very helpful.  I will definately take your advice and use my Gmail from now on and get rid of the Bigpond email.  Thanks again.

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