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All email messages have disappeared!

All my emails have disappeared from my Inbox.  I was going through my emails and then over 1000 emails just disappeared within seconds!!  I've been on the phone to Telstra for hours and they cannot resolve the issue, keep pointing the finger saying I must have deleted them.  The emails have also disappeared from the Telstra Mail server even though my settings for my account are set to keep the mail on the server.  I contacted Outlook as Telstra said it was a software problem and they tried to help me as much as they could.  They took control of my pc but in the end couldn't help but told me that it has to be a Telstra Mail issue because if it was an Outlook problem only, the emails would still be on the Telstra server.  They also said that Outlook was merely an application used to download the emails which all makes sense to me.  

So as it stands, I've lost over 1000 emails from my inbox and I am getting no help from my service provider because apparently I accidentally deleted 1000 emails from my inbox, and then again from my deleted folder..........  So annoyed right now.  Can anyone help me with this please?

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: All email messages have disappeared!

Hi Mev1,


What you describe could have a couple of different causes. If you do Shift+ Delete, all highlighted emails will be permanently deleted. 


Depending on how your mailbox has been configured, (using POP or IMAP) will determine if a copy is left on the server, or if the device synchronises with the mail server.


There has been a recorded glitch with Microsoft Outlook 2016 which will delete all emails from the inbox , even when the option has been selected to leave a copy on the server.  Click on that link to read more about it.


Once an email has been deleted from our server, we are unable to recover that email for you, so our Tech Support team will not be able to assist. If you have a Telstra Platinum subscription, you should consider giving them a call on 137 587 to see if they are able to assist with recovering those emails. Alternatively, you should seek the assistance of a data recovery specialist. 


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