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big pond account

i have a new big pond address but don't know what the password is as there was no instructions. how do i access this or change it

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: big pond account

Did you get the email account when signing up for a new service? Or did you get it some other way? And when did that happen - you should have been asked for or given a password then - probably a temporary one that you would need to change on the first log in...  that temporary password might have come as an email but probably no for a new account.


I am puzzled with this as I thought Telstra had stopped issuing new email addresses last year, and that Bigpond ones hadn't been available for quite a while - most of the recent ones have been telstra.com or telstra.net


Are you sure it is not an old email address that you are just starting to use?

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