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Bigpond email hacked remotely by anonymous blackmailer

I received an anonymous and malicious email sent from my own bigpond email address. The sender is blackmailing for crypto currency and has accessed my bigpond email login details, including the password somehow. I have now changed my bigpond/telstra password but how do I add 2fa to help prevent future remote hacking of my email? 

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Re: Bigpond email hacked remotely by anonymous blackmailer

2FA for Telstra Mail was discussed in a previous thread

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Re: Bigpond email hacked remotely by anonymous blackmailer

Are you sure that they've actually hacked your account?

I receive dozens of those spam emails daily (most get blocked by my spam filter) and they are just phishing. They are hoping that you believe them and will do what they say.

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Support Team

Re: Bigpond email hacked remotely by anonymous blackmailer

Hey SharonMB, I'm leaning more towards Jupiter is thinking on this one at the moment, a lot of these emails can be crafted to look very convincing but they're just a ploy to try and lure you in. Have you got any proof that they've been meddling in your accounts? Has anything changed in ways you can't explain?

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