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Bigpond email retention



I've read on other posts that Telstra now provides the option to keep your email through something they call the "Subscribed mailbox service".


Can someone tell me how to access this ? Following the details below it doesn't have the option to click on "Start" as decribed.


I don’t have a Telstra Home Broadband service but I have another Telstra service/s

To continue to access your mailbox, at no charge for 12 months, log in using your Telstra email address and password, then click ‘Start’.

You can link your mailbox to your existing Telstra service/s by entering either your Telstra account number or Telstra phone number.

Once you’ve linked it, your mailbox will be automatically retained.

We’ll then get in touch with you before the 12 months is up to see if you want to pay to renew your mailbox for a further 12 months.

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Re: Bigpond email retention

At the moment we have notified customers who we have identified as having what is termed an orphaned mailbox, an email address on an account with no other services. These customers will be presented with an option to retain their mailbox using the instructions you mention.


If you have not received a notification that this is required then it will be available as yet. Keep an eye out for more information as we roll out our new Telstra Email platform.

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Re: Bigpond email retention

I have a simlar problem.


I recently got NBN at my address and after evaluating options, I decided that the best value was the optus service. $200Gb, 25MPS, nothing special.

I'd save $60/mth from my Telstra ADSL2 Premium Home Internet service, and this service was cheaper than Telstra who offerred the same NBN service at $80/mth.

I was informed that I'll be able to get the email retention service from Telstra for free for 12 months.


All sweet, NBN box install good, speed fine, home phone line switched over to optus on same number just fine,,,, then my Telstra email was switched off.


I've spent the last 4 days on Telstra service chat trying to get it sorted..... after two days of allot of brush off's "it will take 24hr's for work order to be completed",,, today "Good Friday" I finally got someone on chat that tried to activate the email retention service...... with no success.


I'm told that Telstra cannot activate a email retention service as I don't now have any "post paid" services with them and the cheapest is a $35/mth mobile service.


I've asked this question on Whirlpool, and some users there state free email retention does exist.


How can I get retain my old email addresses with Telstra paying such a high price?


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