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Bigpond mail shut down with NBN

I cannot find answers on this site but the internet is full of all sorts of information NOT from Telstra sources.

I was told that @bigpond.com mail with customers on NBN, together with the landline, will be shut down on 30 October and will be moved onto @telstra.com.


1. Will the @bigpond.com email remain usable, i.e. through redirect on the server or one needs to go and change emails at million places?

2, Will one be advised if one's email is affected?

3. What if I do not have a landline only a @bigpond.com email?

4. What if my NBN is a rural satellite service, why would the landline we must have be shut down?

Reliable, trustworthyinformation would be appreciated.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Bigpond mail shut down with NBN

Where did you get your information from?

If you are on a Skymesh service, then your copper Landline is independent from your NBN service and that won't change.

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