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bigpond not loading in chrome

Bigpond will not load my emails in google chrome. Load up perfectly in Firefox. Not the 1st time i have had this issue. Seems like Google Chrome and bigpond dont get along

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Re: bigpond not loading in chrome

On Telstra Outages page, there is a updated message on email disruption:

"We are aware there are currently problems using our webmail service. Customers can still send and receive emails but some may be experiencing slow response times and time outs accessing their mailbox. We’re investigating whether an update on the Google Chrome browser (v85) is a factor and as a work around we suggest using another browser for access in the meantime. Sincere apologies for the frustration; it’s a complex technical issue we’re working to resolve as soon as we possibly can."

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Re: bigpond not loading in chrome

This problem has been going on for weeks now. Telstra Webmail will not load on my laptop at all. I'm using Google Chrome browser on Windows 10. All I get is 3 flashing dots. No choice but to switch browsers.


This comes on the back of constant problems with NBN dropouts since late last year.

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Re: bigpond not loading in chrome

It amazes me that with the amount of people who use the Testra Mail directly that there has been no news articles alerting the problems - weeks of bloody frustration from Australia's major telecommunications enterprise treating its customers as if it all doesn't really matter. Typical Corporate Punishment from a provider who can't fix its own system!

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Re: bigpond not loading in chrome

Thank you for your reply Testra. I would like to know what email system you guys use to communicate at work!...and if you use bigpond, it would be greatly appreciated if you'd share with us what browser you use to support it. I can't see that you would put up with it the way we have to. Honestly, it's behond frustrating, especially coming from a telecommunication company.

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