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Bigpond not Syncing with Apple iPhones, iMac & Tablet

Telstra has re-established our bigpond Webmail after they suspended upon notifying them of 2 phishing emails we didn't open. They suspended our account last Wednesday 29 July and we have been without emails on our iPhones, iMac & Tablet since then. I contacted Apple Support and they tried to assist, however, they said the issue is with Telstra/bigpond as the user login & password are the same for the email but it won't sync. I was on the chat line with Telstra last Friday for at least 3 hours with no success in rectifying the problem. Not Telstra have removed the Get Help icon on their app and you can't call them due to Covid-19. Can anyone help, please.


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Re: Bigpond not Syncing with Apple iPhones, iMac & Tablet

While I am generally really happy with what Telstra as my ISP supplies to me, I find their e-mail absolutely inferior and don't use it at all... I would recommend to everyone to ditch it and use Microsoft or even Google that I personally hate in favour of Telstra's e-mail...

DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Telstra or any other ISP. I never did. I have wealth of practical knowledge in Computer Security and Forensic Computing. I have been in the field since 1985.

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Re: Bigpond not Syncing with Apple iPhones, iMac & Tablet

The Get Help icon is still on the bottom of the My Telstra app. Make sure you close the greeting message that displays when app first opens.

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