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Bigpond Rejecting emails from Gmail

I am the Administrator for two Gmail Accounts, one has about 78 Recipients and the other over 330.

I can send an individual email to a Recipient which is received OK but when I send to All Recipients from Gmail's Contact List (Bcc) there is a problem.

I am also a Recipient of both Accounts on Bigpond.com which I use as a check that it was sent OK.

Last week from one Group, it took over 6 hours for me to receive it.

I have contacted the Postmaster at Bigpond.com who was very helpful, analysing the emails and it was a Gmail problem.

The last few days I have sent multiple emails to both groups and all the Bigpond.com recipients (and a few other ISP's) have been rejected with the message:

The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7720 [extmail.bigpond.com203.36.137.234: 421 4.4.2 Connection refused from IB114 ] [extmail.bigpond.com203.36.172.106: 421 4.4.2 Connection refused from IB114 ]

I sent an email to the postmaster at Bigpond 2 days ago with no response.

Now what?

Please help as in the COVID 19 lockdown, the only way to communicate is via email.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Bigpond Rejecting emails from Gmail

The system is probably viewing the emails as SPAM if it is seeing too many emails fro a single origin in a short period of time, and therefore blocking the originating address.


The only way to get it resolved is through the postmaster.

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Re: Bigpond Rejecting emails from Gmail

Hi Jupiter


Thanks for the response.

Now if only the Postmaster would reply....



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