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Blacklisted on Spamhaus

I am a residential Telstra Bigpond customer, I do not run a mail server.

This past week I have been unable to send emails via Telstra SMTP. Here is the message received in Thunderbird client on my PC running Ubuntu (Linux).

An error occurred while sending mail: The mail server sent an incorrect greeting:  5.7.1 Connection refused. is blacklisted. Contact Telstra Security Operations OB102.

I have dug in to find that the "blacklist" occurs due to Spamhaus, and found that my IP is in a range given in the category PBL.

I have read all the Crowdsupport and Spamhaus documentation I could find. I have called Telstra Support and they have not been able to resolve the issue.

More detail:

  • My house in Melbourne has Internet connection via Bigpond cable (although NBN was in the street about a month ago). An easy solution would have been to get a new IP. But dynamic IPs on cable are "sticky", so resetting the modem (and I have left it turned off for up to two days) does not result in a new IP being assigned. The Telstra cable support people cannot force a reset. This really annoys me.
  • When connected to Wifi, my Android phone cannot send emails via Telstra SMTP either. The Android email client doesn't issue an explanatory message, but it is surely the same problem, as on the mobile network I have no trouble.
  • I access SMTP with authentication properly. I have tried the so-called "POP before SMTP" method without success.
  • I have two Bigpond email addresses which both fail with the above message on my desktop.
  • My PC can (dual-) boot to Windows, but I rarely do that (I have a couple of Windows-only applications that I run). I do not access email from that partition. Also, I can guarantee the installation is clean -- I use Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, etc.
  • I have a Raspberry Pi connected running Raspbian, a derivative of Debian Linux. Again, I do not have mail server software installed on it.
  • I subscribe to a VPN service, which can run on my desktop and all my devices to enhance security (especially my phone and tablet) and to get around media stream geoblocking. Interestingly, I could not ever send emails through Telstra SMTP when the VPN is activated. It fails without explanation although I suspect the VPN IPs are blacklisted by Telstra.

In exasperation, I tried to remove my IP from the Spamhaus list, even though it states clearly that I have to be running a mail server and have a static IP for this to work. Now my IP is not listed in Spamhaus PBL, but after more than 24 hours I still get the above message in Thunderbird from Telstra Mail when I try to send an email.

So, what can I do? I am completely stuck. Is there any more information I can provide to help solve it?

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Re: Blacklisted on Spamhaus

The PBL itself is not an actual blacklisting. If you were spamhaus blacklisted the error would specifically say that.

@Fleming is this something you can help with?
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Re: Blacklisted on Spamhaus

Yes @Yastiandrie I am aware that PBL is not technically a blacklisting. Like I wrote, I did read everything I could to try to solve the problem.
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Re: Blacklisted on Spamhaus

It's blacklisted on SORBS

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Re: Blacklisted on Spamhaus

Thanks @Jupiter. I was not aware of SORBS. I have found the following entry:

DUHL record for netblock (
Description:	Dynamically Allocated IP address or NAT host
Record Created:	00:32:00 11 May 2006 GMT+00
Message ID (munged):	2-2*******************17@******************RBS
Additional Information:	[MU] Dynamic/Generic IP/rDNS address, use your ISPs mail server or get rDNS set to indicate static assignment.

2006?? WTF??

PBL had the block on before I delisted it there.

I have just registered with SORBS and tried to delist, but it won't let me:

"This listing is a usage type listing and therefore you have two choices. First you can log a support ticket, or second if you are a privileged user you can use the netmanager tool to change the usage listing for this netblock."

This is all very strange indeed.

What can I do?

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Re: Blacklisted on Spamhaus

Also just found that I am listed on spfbl.net :

Check result of IP
No rDNS was found.
This IP has been blocked because have none valid FCrDNS.
Register a valid rDNS for this IP, which points to the same IP.
The rDNS must be registered under your own domain for you be able to delist it.

This is mumbo jumbo to me. WTF has happened for all this to occur????

Telstra Products & Services Team
Telstra Products & Services Team

Re: Blacklisted on Spamhaus


Please disregard the Spamhaus/SORBS/spfbl.net listings as they are unrleated, and normal. These listings are to stop compromised PC's that should not be sending email directly, from sending email. Most ISP's around the world have their customer IP space listed.

Moving on to your issue: Your IP was blacklisted due to outgoing spam.
Please check your mail server as either the server itself is compromised or an account on the server is.
If you believe the mail coming from your server is legit and have some reason to explain the spam, then send me a personal message with the details.

Once you have taken care of the issue, please send me a personal message and I will remove the blacklisting.
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Re: Blacklisted on Spamhaus

PM sent.

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