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Cannot reset email password using manage mailbox.

I have tried for 3 days to reset my temporary password.  I keep getting an error on the telstra website.



Email stopped working and prompt for password started coming up earlier in the week.

EVENTUALLY narrowed it down to my email account had been suspended (I do not know why).


Finally got onto a Telstra consultant on the phone who was very helpful - YAY!  Yes, the email account had been suspended.  She reactivated it.  She reset the password with a TEMPORARY password, and advised that it was good for 48 hours, but I would need to go in and change the password  using the manage mailbox feature on the website.  I have now tried for  3 days to do this.  I have been on chat twice and have had no success.  I belive there is a fault at Telstra's end, but cannot get onto anyone who can confirm.


The issue is that when I go into Manage Mailbox, there are NO mailboxes to manage, and an error is dispayed saying there is a technical problem.


When I select options to reset password, I get an error saying Än Error has occured.  Service unavailable, please try again later. If you continue to experience issues, please contact 24x7 Chat for assistance.


And so it goes - I am in an endless loop of what should be an easy function.



Email account was suspended.

Is now active.

Has had a temporary password assigned (twice now).

I cannot change this temporary password which is only valid for 48 hours.



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