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Cannot reset my email password

I am having dramas resetting my email password after it was suspended due to possible illegal activity.  Today i rang up to get it reset as i couldnt do it myself.  Spent an hour and a half on the phone and couldnt get it done properly.  I cannot get the email when it is sent, and the agent could not tell me which email address it went to.  They then proceeded to reset the password and gave me a temporary password.  


I could then go into my email through webmail, and i would go into account and try to reset password.  But every time i tried to reset it, it would say the current password(the temporary one i used to get into webmail) was not my current password. 

The weird thing is now.  This temporary password will not get me into my outlook ( used to get my emails), but the one i couldnt get to work on the reset works.  But i still have to use the temporary password to get into my actual webmail.  The case is still open with telstra but i am a little lost on whats going wrong.

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Level 19: Deputy Director

Re: Cannot reset my email password

If you can log into Webmail using your username and password then that indicates that the password is correct.

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