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Cant receive emails on bigpond email



Is anyone else having issues receiving emails on a bigpond email address. I have received any emails since Wednesday 16th March. I have tried webmail which I can log into but nothing is coming thru, I have tried pc, ipad, iphone and nothing. I can send emails but not receive. Support tells me it is unscheduled mainteance but they have no idea when it will be fixed.  they say their back of house team is working on it. Is really annoying as I normally get about 100 emails a day. I need to get it working asap


any help would be great



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Re: Cant receive emails on bigpond email

Has Telstra talked you through deleting and setting up your email account again, changing ports and other options, worked for a few hours for me but I'm back to square 1 now. Trouble is the one who helps you with PC will put you onto mobile support I think you need to speak to the mobile ones first they may help you with PC also but not likely the other way around 132200

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