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 Hi I have just purchased a CHROME BOOK and am having trouble with my email . Is @bigpond comatible with the ChromeBook which is telling me I have to use @gmail.com?

Regards Ian.

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This would be right. Let's just remember that the Chromebook is basically a laptop running nothing-but-the-web Chrome OS, they are not a desktop or laptop in the same vein as a windows machine or even imac.


Applications for these units are mostly web-based applications, which Google just calls "Apps," but also Extensions, which latch directly onto the browser and allow for interaction and notifications. Apps are written in the same language as web pages, but they're specialized for the Chrome experience. Search around in the Chrome Web Store, I think the only email app  you'll find is Google (Gmail off line) which allows the use of Gmail off line and is an addition to Chromebook gmail and that's it.


You can't run programs such as Microsoft Office, Lotus, Skype, Photoshop, or anything with an installer. Chromebooks are meant to work on the web!


You gmail account allows for the addition of extra email accounts the same as Gmail does on android devices, so this is where you will have to go I'm afraid.



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