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Configure extra Windows Computers for Telstra Client


I have used the Telstra moving or setup tool for Windows to reset my Microsoft Office Outlook emails on my: Desktop computer; ipad and iphone. This was easy as it no doubt was meant to be. 


I also have two laptop computers using Microsoft Office Outlook. One is running Windows 7 and the other Windows 10. 


The Telstra setup tool aforementioned will not recognize any email system on these two laptops. I suspect that the setup tool will only recognize one of any form of device or computer and once that's used up, any others of the same type won't work.


I tried online chat but they couldn't help. Is there a fix for this setup tool anywhere or does anyone know how to do this manually? This is not critical as I do have email on my other devices but it would be handy to have on my laptops from time to time when I'm away.




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Re: Configure extra Windows Computers for Telstra Client

Hi Peter, 


The settings should correspond to the mail platform you are on. It seems you have set up ok for the initial computer, and iOS devices. 

Do the other computers not allow for settings to be completed? 

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Re: Configure extra Windows Computers for Telstra Client

Hi Ivan,


I finally ended up fixing this myself after going back through all of Telstra's online instructions a few times and some analytical effort from me. Everything is now working as it should. 


Setting up manually with Telstra's instruction settings didn't work so I went back to the list of instruction topics, followed the problem pages to no avail and decided as a last resort to first set up my Telstra Email Web using Telstra instructions, as if I wasn't going to use anything else. (At the end of the day, I had to be able to access emails somewhere). Then I backed up my existing emails and deleted my email account from Microsoft Office Outlook on my laptops. 


This is the first time I had deleted my account first before setting up a new one. The idea being that it might be best to remove any lingering traces of the original email settings. I don't know if this helped, but all in all what I did this time succeeded.


I then went back to my laptop, Control Panel, and into 'Mail', then followed the normal auto setup instruction instead of manual. Success! Everything went through as smooth as silk. I haven't looked to see if the settings are indentical to Telstra's instructions because I am not going to look a gift horse in mouth. It works and that's all that matters.


I had done this before both on auto and manual, on one of the laptops with no success but it appears now, that I should have first swapped over to Telstra Mail and then back to Microsoft Office Outlook. The online web email must be set up correctly before you can configure anything else. Or so it would seem anyway.


If that's the case then I don't know why my desktop machine set up fine with the Telstra Tool when I hadn't touched the web mail. I don't understand why the Telstra Tool couldn't find any email systems on my two laptops. I can live without understanding any of that however. Hope this helps anyone else out there with a similar issue.

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