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email address after July 7th

Can anyone help? I received an email from Telstra informing me that my email address will not be valid after July 7th  (when they swap over to something called Telstra Mail), unless I follow the hyperlink and follow the instructions. But.... this directs me to our old business account which has no services on it ( only our email address if you can call that a service). I went to our consumer account and tried to add it there, but it wouldn't accept it,- presumably because it is still assigned to our old business account. Now you may think it would be easy to just ring Telstra and explain the problem. No way. It seems the business side of Telstra cannot/will not communicate with the consumer side. I have rung several times, had numerous 24X7 chats, been to the Telstra shop and filled out a CHOWN form, done the same again online . I have several reference numbers and they've offered me more, but they cannot fix the problem. What can I do? I've told them a dozen times that the old business account is defunct and to close it, but it falls on deaf ears.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: email address after July 7th


  • please call 1800 110 045 (weekdays 10am to 8pm AEST), the agents will be able to assist you with this request.

When you logged in onilne to log into BigPond MyAccount did you use your email address(es) you were asked to keep?


 And if so did you get an alert with a start button?  It then should of taken you to a screen asking you to link the email address you want to retain with the existing Telstra service you have with a billing account.


Please note if you have a  Telstra Prepaid you will need to call the number above you cannot link the email address to that service via myaccount.


The billing account you were linking needs to be a 13 digit number and have a mobile number attached to that account so a pin verification can be sent to confirm the linking.


However given you experience I recommend you call the nubmer above and they will be able to assist you.

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