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I am totally stumped and need some help. So our email was hacked telstra were great in picking that up but when they gave us a temp password there was no way to reset. Manage emails in my telstra is no longer available with the new format. So they told him to start a new ID anyways it thinks its me and wants to reset MY password. So after nearly 4 days and three pw resets we still can't change from the temp pw. It takes us to a page that says user name not recognised and if I use the link it emails him saying its me so if I proceed I change my password. They tried to disassociate his email with mine but to no avail. I am at my wits end and this close to changing providers after they keep cutting me off hanging up on me or giving up. No I have not been rude but it is frustrating repeating everything over and over and over again.It seems to me that most of them don't know what to do. 

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Re: Email help

If you need a particular email address password reset Telstra Support should be able to assist with that. Alternatively I have previously seen that done at a Telstra Store (though it was some time ago).

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Re: Email help

You description of the problem is a bit confusing so could you break it down a bit to make it clearer? When dealing with Telstra support (the Codi-ites)..  you need to keep your messages short and address single points at a time..  any more complex than that seems to confuse them because it doesn't fit the script they are reading...  it is not great support I agree, so you have to treat it accordingly..


For a start who is the 'him' you mention?


Are you able to log into your account? and which account password do you use?


Is 'your' email the one that is used for the Telstra account?


Where are you trying to change the email password?


If you don't want the second, new, email..  then don't use it at this stage, do everything through your email address if that is the one associated with the account...

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