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Email outgoing server error 500

Hi all - first post, so please forgive any errors.

Strange situation on one of our email accounts - it won't send from either iphone or win7 windows live mail. Receives ok. On sending, the PC Returns an error 500 suspected spam, the iPhone a message about relaying not allowed. It doesn't matter who we try to email they just get stuck in the outbox. This is an IMAP account. This has only just happened, prior to this everything was working fine.


So, after reading up, I've taken the following steps:

1 checked both pcs at home for viruses and malware - nothing found

2 checked server settings against those provided by Telstra, no errors

3 Have spoken to the helpdesk - all they want to do is refer me to Platinum Service - ouch! Given 2 mobiles with Telstra and nbn I don't see why I need to pay.

4 Have checked email address is not blacklisted - nothing found, Telstra have confirmed no issues*

5 Have exactly the same settings for the outgoing server under the same email account on an iPad this works fine

6 Have changed the password for the affected account - makes no difference

7 Have now resorted to using GMail as an outgoing server (don't see why I should have to, but there you are)

8 Webmail for the email account works fine (with the Bigpond outgoing server)

9 Even tried the account using different email client - same problem

10 Tried the email account on a different pc under Win10 - same problem

11 Have restarted the modem to get a different IP address assigned - has no effect on the mail problem.

12 My other email accounts with Bigpond addresses work fine.

13 error is 550 5.7.1 5C53EF90001AAD7A Message content rejected due to suspected spam. OB703*

I wonder if there's something else I should try? It seems odd that it's affecting two devices, the Win 7 Pc and the iPhone, but not the iPad (although the iPad uses the home wifi for access)

I've got the feeling that this could be a server side error, ie Telstra?


I know there are quite a few references to this error here - but solutions vary and none I've tried have any effect.


Here's hoping someone can help! - and thanks in advance.


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Re: Email outgoing server error 500

Yes you do have the same problem, but my Server Error is 550. I cannot think off anything you can try except setting up in Windows Mail, my current problem is windows Live Mail is not sending emails, which is my next stop when I finish sorting out an old email address that I cant get rid off till I save some photos that is in it.

Like you Telstra say everything is fine on their end and yes my email started working okay last week again and when I moved to Telstra it worked okay for 2 months NBN did do some maintenance lately but not sure if that is the problem but who can tell.

I did Google similar problems from overseas and one solution was the port in the Router not being the  correct one but don't know how to access the router which I presume is the modem.

Looks like we are the only 2 with this problem so far so will have to wait till there are more before Telstra start looking into it I fear.

Even the guy  I spoke to today for another problem checked some stuff and said it was okay from their end.

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