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Email Retention

I switched from Wireless Broadband to ADSL.  I applied to retain my 3 email addresses.  I was advised by the staff in the local Telstra store as well as over the phone that this was possible. 

My 3 email address have not been working since the 5th May.  I have rang up technical support over 10 times and have spent over 12+ hours speaking to technical support and the billing department.  The billing department have checked my account and there are no issues and it is 'active'.  I have spoken to various consultants in the tech support area, and get a different reason why my email addresses aren't working.  I have also been advised that I have to wait for the retention process to activate.  The time frame I have been given was from 2 hours up to 25 days (depending on which consultant I spoke to).  
When logging into Bigpond Webmail for each email address, I get the notice that "the account has been suspended" 
My last attempt to contact bigpond was by the email on the 31st May to the complaints department.  Still no response to that email.
I run a part time (Party Plan) business off one of the email addresses.  Not happy that customers are having difficulty contacting me.

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Re: Email Retention

I feel you pain. I too can not get a straight answer out of anyone at telstra/bigpond as to why email retention is taking so long.


I've just about had enough of their excuses and palming me off onto another department or call center.

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Re: Email Retention

i found getting my password reset made it work again. When game arena got hacked thats when mine stopped working.

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Email Retention

Hi Wsan,


Sorry to hear of the trouble you are having with the email retention on your 3 email addresses, this procedure can take time however I am happy to investigate it for you and see if we can get it resolved as soon as possible for you.
I have sent you a private message, if you could send me your details as instructed in the private message, I will be more than happy to investigate this for you further.



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Re: Email Retention

Hey Russ,


Can you help me too as I have just about had enough of telstra and rang up Optus today for some plan prices to switch to them at least I might actually get a straight answer from them.


You say this process can take time but surely Telstra realises that the customers DON"T have time we need the email addresses up and running not excuses.


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Re: Email Retention

Russ,  I am a consultant in regional Victoria helping people with their IT/Comms issues and consistently canvass Telstra's services as they are the best in this area.  But I have a client that has migrated from Next G to ADSL2, had their email marked to retain, and hasn't worked for 5 Days.  This is their primary busines email and despite repeated escalations, no one rings back the client or me.  This is a very frustrating situation and makes Telstra and me look bad.  I wouldn't be so angry if people actuallly called back as they said they would.  The last thing I want now is for this to go to the Ombudsman s it shuld be resolved locally.  What are my best options???


Ian Templeton

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Re: Email Retention

Client email started last night at 7:30.  Would love to know the reason so it might be avoided next time around.  5 Days without their business email, I would hope they can get some sort of compensation out of this.

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Re: Email Retention

@Templeton wrote:

Client email started last night at 7:30.  Would love to know the reason so it might be avoided next time around.  5 Days without their business email, I would hope they can get some sort of compensation out of this.

Bigpond = Residential service therefore not eligible for business compensation (I mean, you can ask, and they might give you 5 days of internet, but thats their decision).


5 days sounds about right for an Email transferal to be completed, but thats just my 2c.




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Re: Email Retention

Yeh, I totally agree. After being Transferred 3 times I got told that email retention eas not possible, I tried again. After being transferred another 2 times they told me email retention was possible. ON off ON off....

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