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email temporarily suspended

I have just connected to bigpond ADSL after suffering satellite for 6 years.  Had to contact everyone with new email address, but now I get a 550 5.3.4 message saying that I have unusual activity on my hotmail account and my account is suspended.  I don't know if any or all of the messages I sent got through, and I also don't know how many emails is too many.  And I don't know how to get my account reopened.  In fact, I didn't know I had a hotmail account because it is bigpond.  This whole thing is driving me nuts. Huge amount of time wasted setting up my address and getting it to work. And I don't know how they decide my activity is unusual, since I have never had any activity on this account for them to compare it with!

The help site on bigpond directed me to add a phone, in order to increase email limits.  I did that, and got a 'thankyou', but no further information.

Now what to do???

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Re: email temporarily suspended

G'day ticiadev and welcome to Crowdsupport.


I trust you went through all of this:


I doubt it's due to "too many emails"


The email system is now hosted on, hence the "hotmail"  thing.  Your email is STILL a address, and you still use your <username> to access your mail



let us know how you go, use the web interface to access your email in the first instance


If you need help setting up your desktop email client, let us know.



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Re: email temporarily suspended

The only way to have your email reactivated is to contact customer support. But before requesting reactivation of your account, you may need to check if your account has been 'compromised'. It is possible that someone (perhaps a keylogger) was able to capture your password to send Spam so that's why the account may have been suspended. It is important that you do a complete scan of your computer before you reactivate the service. You will also need to set up a different password from the one that was set up to you originally.



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