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Emails are disappearing from Inbox!!!



I swapped POP account to an IMAP and Telstra server is only saving 2 weeks worth of emails (approx. 100 emails)??? Why is it automatically deleting when I do not have that setting on?! Can someone help asap as it is deleting work emails!!! Thank you 

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Re: Emails are disappearing from Inbox!!!

Hi @Kjm123


Which email client/program are you using?


Most email clients have options in the IMAP account settings that lets you change low long ago to show emails from. If you find this setting, try adjusting it so it shows all your emails instead of 2 weeks worth


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Re: Emails are disappearing from Inbox!!!

Do you have another device that is set up to use POP? If you use Outlook as your email client it default setting is remove emails from server after 14. Many email clients have the same default setting. (See image below)


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