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Emails stopped at webmail as spam

Emails, that I usually receive and approve receipt from, are now being blocked and stopped at webmail as spam. therefore, they do not come through to my Outlook account. I have to go into Webmail and change to 'Not Spam' and then it releases them. However, it continues to happen. Some of these emails are from my business suppliers and some are newsletters that I have signed up for. How can I have this corrected? It only began approx 3-4 weeks ago. Do I need to white list them and if so how do I do this pls? Help please.. thank you in advance of your suggestions.

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Re: Emails stopped at webmail as spam

Hi team, I may have found the answer..  reading an old CrowdSupport response.  I have gone to Settings > Safe Senders and added the email addresses and domains of those I can remember i have had a problem with.  I will continue to do this and see if this fixes it.  fingers crossed.  Sorry to have bothered you. 

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