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Emails with BigPond addresses and web links going to junk

I use the MailChimp email system on behalf of our sports group.


We are having a lot of problems with emails sent from MailChimp to BigPond addresses going to Junk.  The same emails to other (non BigPond) service providers get through OK. The problem became more noticeable around October / November last year. Unfortunately a lot of our members are computer illiterate and incapable of fixing things (assuming there is a solution).


I've tried a few things

- using SendInBlue instead of MailChimp. This works a lot better getting through to BigPond addresses.

- I've tried sending via a specific domain based email address rather than a generic gmail address. This hasn't helped.


Today I discovered if I send plain text emails, things get through OK.  As soon as I include a link to a website in the email, the email gets treated as junk. This even occurs if the link is to  https://www.telstra.com.au/


Email header contains a lot of information about spam, including

X-RazorGate-Vade-Verdict: spam 290
X-RazorGate-Vade-Classification: spam

Any ideas? Since emails are getting through OK to other email addresses, this is clearly related to the overly sensitive nature of BigPond spam filters.


I can see a lot of discussion in the past about similar issues, but nothing recent.

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