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Forgotten Bigpond password

Hi All.  I'm just trying to set up email on the new Telstra Samsung S20 I received Thursday and somewhere in the set up process I've messed up my Bigpond email password and can't remember if or what I changed it to.


I've searched on here for previous posts as I'm sure it happens to others but all the links seem to lead me to dead ends or ring Telstra which is obviously impossible at the moment. 


I can change the password but only if I know my current one, so that's useless!


I'd be very grateful if somebody could give me the link to a page where I can use "Forgotten password" with the option to either SMS me a link or l it to a different email address (obviously).


Thanks in advance,


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Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: Forgotten Bigpond password

Hopefully this will help others who were as bloody frustrated as me!!!!


Bloody Telstra!!!! I just happened to read something on a My Telstra screen which send me off on a different track - which worked!!!! Hoobloodayray!!!


F&*kn Telstra in the absolute ridiculous wisdom (ha fkn ha) forced me to change my Telstra ID password last week and what I noticed was a note that now only ONE  password operates everything on My Telstra, instead of using one password to log in to My Telstra and another password to log into email. I always use Thunderbird on my PC and K-9 Email on phone/tablet so never needed my Tesltra password anyway...................


Bloody brilliant!!!! So nice of Telstra to force such a dramatic and sneaky change on us with no warning and in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis when we were left totally on our own!!!!


NOT HAPPY JAN!!! Have wasted so many hours trying even odd combinations of my variable on a base password identification.................

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