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Forgotten Password

I have a legacy Bigpond account hat has 2 mailboxes attached. My wife's version of Outlook has become corrupted by she cannot remember her password.


None of Telstra online retrieval tools seem to work - they simply give an error message an online chat offers a serious of nonsensical responses.


How do I go about retiring and resetting this password?

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Re: Forgotten Password

If I understand you correctly:

You have a Bigpond email account (primary) with two secondary email accounts associated to it?


One of those secondary accounts is used in Outlook to access that email?


That email account is corrupted? or the password has been forgotten?


If it is Outlook is corrupted, you can do a repair on Outlook. But what is the nature of the corruption? Is it just not downloading emails? If that is the case, it could be due to the current email issues at Telstra


If the password of the secondary account has been forgotten, you should be able to log in to your account at and in the list of services you will see your 'email boxes'. Click on Manage...  you can change passwords there. if you do manage to do that (see below) then you will have to update Outlook account details and anything else that uses that account/password combination.


but...  there seems to be an error there, as when I checked editing of email accounts has been disabled. Probably because of the server issue, to prevent further erroring as people try to fix it at their end.


It's always a problem remembering passwords, so you need to have it written down somewhere.


A bit more information might allow a more targeted fix for you.

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Re: Forgotten Password

@Toshiro wrote:

How do I go about retiring and resetting this password?

You can achieve this using the helpful staff at your local Telstra shop.

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Forgotten Password

Hey Toshiro - welcome to CrowdSupport.


The information provided by SteveW_52 and Dowser is correct, the only hiccup would be if you are among the 2% of customers impacted by the email problems we have listed at If you are, you should have received an email to whichever address you have listed for contact on your account advising of a work around to send/receive in the mean time.

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