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Getting the run around to upgrade my bigpond email account from old system to new Windows Live

Hi everyone,


Has anyone else had issues with this? I have logged several support calls and still waiting weeks later and no upgrade. I can't even select it myself anymore.


Just wondering what other people did to get migrated over.



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Re: Getting the run around to upgrade my bigpond email account from old system to new Windows Live

I have had the same issue, i am up to a few weeks and counting and still not much success.


I had issues with my video card back in August and had to send it away for RMA, during that time i borrowed a friends pc just to check webmail, brouse the net until i had my comp working again.

When i got my video card sent back after a month being sent away i decided i would format and give everything a fresh look again, when i went to install my email account with Incredimal i got a message incorrect email address or password, but yet using the same email and password i could log on to webmail still. I know the helpdesk does not support Incredimail so i installed Windows Live Mail and it gave me the same thing being incorrect email or password and would not connect.


When i contacted the helpdesk i was informed Telatra were moving to new email servers and it would be 24 - 48 hours for my email to be fixed, it took nearly 3 weeks before they finally moved my email to the new servers during the time of waiting for Telatra to do this i had been leaving my emails in my webmail inbox until i could have it download to Incredimal but when i logged in to my webmail on 20/9 i found that the 120 emails i had were now deleted and nobody from Telata can tell me were they went as i can't download to any email program and i never deleted them.


I have been givien two reference numbers where level 2 tech support was meant to call me during September but so far nothing. I have had 4 of the tech helpdesk in the Philippines do remote connection as they thought it was my settings, i will never do that again when one started deleteing video drivers and .net framework.


Once my account was moved to the new Microsoft server and i set the new settings i had no issue with conneting, this was for an email account with the extra 5 email adresses we get.

Now i have the same issue with the primary email after formatting the laptop and all i get from Telatra is they can not tell me a time when it will be migrated to the new server and just to use webmail until then.


I hate webmail......why wont they fix it







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