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How can I delete all messages in my Inbox in one step?

My Inbox on Telstra Mail has filled up with about 20,000 messages from history, which is now clogging up my Outlook. As they are all historical, I just want to delete them. The only way I can do it at present is selecting fifty messages at a time, which will take many hours to delete 20,000 messages.

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Re: How can I delete all messages in my Inbox in one step?

Add the account on outlook again or another email client such as thunderbird again as pop and set to delete off the server after downloading. Once they all download to the email client they Will be delted off the server (webmail)


Alternatively if the account is already set up as pop on outlook just enable the delete off server when downloaded or after x number of days.

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Re: How can I delete all messages in my Inbox in one step?

In Outlook, you can set a rule that will delete emails based on rules that you set (age, content,sender, etc). That will delete them very quickly (note: be careful that you move any emails that you want to keep to another folder other than your Inbox - you can set rules to move emails as well as they are received if there are ones that you know you will want to keep).

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