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How do I add a 'Safe Sender' to my contacts list?

I need to add a company web page as a 'Safe Sender' to my Contacts List so 'the system' will allow them to send me a link. I have googled this request and there are quite a few responses, one in particular to go to 'Settings' in Bigpond or My Telstra then go to 'Settings', 'Options' then select 'Add Safe Sender'. I have no idea what system or setup the author of that response is using but I cannot follow their 'logic path'.

I've been around the block a couple of times, when computers weren't the norm, watching as they went from being built in a large room, to now where they're worn on your wrist, unlike today's kids who have grown up with them. Step-by-step works for me instead of jumping leaps and bounds, missing out on the important bits.


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