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how do I get my email unsuspended?

Email keeps asking for username and PW - I cannot see any emails to my bigpond address. What do I do? I have gone round and round in the circles set up to make you give up but I have an email address that people are sending stuff to but I cannot get to it because the My Telstra app says it is suspended due to a technical problem - What does that mean? How do I get it unsuspended? Do I have to sign up for an internet account now? I have a mobile phone account. Why dont Telstra just tell you what is going on?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: how do I get my email unsuspended?

Hi MM113, issues with a suspended email will be best resolved by our tech team on the My Telstra app.


They'll be able to authenticate you and unlock the service Smiley Happy



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Re: how do I get my email unsuspended?

It's probably the same "Technical issue" that led to my wife's e-mail being suspended. "Technical Issue" being code for "we stuffed up".

You won't get anyone on the phone.

You'll have to try your luck with the My Telstra app.

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