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IMAP access to Telstra Mail not working

Desperately need a solution. IMAP client such as outlook (any version on any computer) will not accept the correct password - just keeps throwing password box up. The account seems to be linked to an account of the same name. both the telstra webmail and logins work. when i send a test message from the login it says the sender is : not the bigpond email address logged in ! furthermore that message does not get delivered back to the inbox but rather it appears in the telstra webmail inbox from we want is the account to work in outlook locally. if I configure the outlook account with the telstra mail IMAP details it does not accept the correct password. if i configure the account with the IMAP details it works but no email delivers as it is all in the telstra webmail side !! Have spent hours with telstra support trying to get a solution. Can someone please respond if they know whats going on ? tried POP settings too - same result. have reset passwords too - same result...... thanks and please help !



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Re: IMAP access to Telstra Mail not working

OK, update to this one is FINALLY we got a support member to actually 'see' this problem while logged in remotely......their argument of 'if webmail works fine then the problem is not at our end' was proved wrong when he admitted there was a problem during the migration of the bigpond account in question back in november....finally I thought we are getting didnt explain however why IMAP and POP access do not work. The support member forwarded the issue to the 'server tech's' and we anxiously awaited a response, however they never got back to us ! While we were waiting for a 'no response', the support member configured POP access in an outlook profile just to test it...and surprise surprise we had the same issue that it simply won't accept the password, but then right in front of us it started to deliver messages !! awesome ! I thought ....thanked the support member and he disconnected and walked away.....only to find later that the same issue returned...that is, not accepting the password, therefore not delivering any mail....SO there is still a problem with the account, apparently dating back to when the migration I have to start again with a new support membergoing through the whole process again....If ANYONE knows how i can get a result here can you PLEASE speak up.....thanks. Russell


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