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Level 2 Support with email

I am writing this out of absolute desperation.


On the 1st of June I discovered that I could not send or receive any emails from my desktop, ,my ipad or my iphone as well as webmail on my main email address..The second email address that we use on this account works fine. So I started the long frustrating journey into the Telstra support process .Luckily I am retired and have plenty of time and a lot of patience.  Wel I did have!!


After a number of support calls which took up about 3 hrs, all support staff went through the same procedures everytime, resetting ,powering on and off etc etc . a number of time.  It then took 2 days for Telstra to admit that it was not the client in error and that they would escalate to level 2. (I  was an IT Support Manager for a well known Data stoage company and I know what level 2 should represent.)  I was told they would get back to me in 24 hrs. However my past experience with Telstra told me that that would never happen, but all I could do was give them the oppurtunity to put it right for once.


Not surprisingly, of course it did not happen and in true Telstra style,  So back to the calls and hours of frustration, answering the same old questions,repeating the same old story and processes over a number of times.I have lost track of many hours and calls I have made.


To cut  this long Telstra Support sob story short,(Ha ,ha) .I again called on Friday, 5 days after reporting the initial problem. I explained again that I rely on email to generate my merge income and I was told the level 2 support needs a further 4 working days to respond (the previous contact told me 24hrs!!!)  So now I had to wait until Tuesday of Week 2.


Today is Tuesday and I called and prepared myself for the 15 minute wait due to unusually high activuty,which only took 20 minutes. Then I went through the whole thing again.This is now 8 days after the first call and I still have no email and I am now really desperate. Finally,  I got onto someone who appeared rather efficient. My excitement grows (could this be the day??) and I got to a point that they said ."OK level 2 have an explanation ( according to the notes) and they will call me back in 30 mins with that explanation.  'Please make sure your phone is free" was the parting phrase.  .Wow what a positive developement!! Finally,in 30 min, all will be revealled I thought!  I waited rather dubiously as this is Telstra I am dealuing with, and would you believe I received nothiong at all after 3 hours.  So back to the phone and onto some new " How can I help you today Michael" - I nearly vomited.

I gave her the Escalation number and she spent 10 mins away and came back and said that my email address was suspended and it would take 24hrs to reset.  But she also said she has gone beyond her normal jurisdiction and has short circuited it to 5 hr??


My excitement that I might have my email back , that I am paying for, after 8 days, is so overwhelming that I considered having a celebration drink.  .Better not as I might have to be on the phone for some time again tonight and I must have a clear head!!  Funnily enough I am not optimistic at all (would you beliieve?).I am sure that nothing willl happen and tommorow I will be back on the phone for who knows how long onto someone else and I will get the Telstra run around all over again. I have now made up my mind and I know how this is going to end...


The escalation number for anyone interested is T1-820322161980. - for what it's worth!!!


Good night and Good bye


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