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Linux Bigpond Users Evolution Soved

If having problems getting Evolution to work through the Bigpond or Telstra outlook mail system, and you DON'T want to use another mail software program, as I did not due to the higher level of features available with Evolution, there IS a solution.


  1. set up your existing regular IMAP outlook account (eg *** in Evolution and complete the setup process  (or create one first if you dont have one) .
  2. Go to the edit menu and preferences you will need to edit the deault account you just set upfrom the mail accounts tab.
  3. Under identity chage "name" to your telstra or bigpond email address and "email address" to the same
  4. While following these steps DO Not Change any OTHER SETTINGS
  5. Next go to the RECEVING MAIL tab change only the email address to your own email address- The Server address IS ALREADY CORRECT. as is the port
  6. Go to Recieving optiongs and personalise to suit but only if an advanced user otherwise skip to step 7
  7. Click on the SENDING MAIL tab Change "User Name" to your eamil address" (all instances of email adress refer to you telstra or bigpond address)
  8. You are now completed with this stage close the edit box then the preferences box and click recieve mail, you will be asked for your bigpond email password, enter it. You may allso be asked to add it to your default key ring do this also.
  9. You are now complete and have configured Evolution for Telstra and Bigpond Through Outlook Imap.


This will become obsolete over the coming moths as Telstra Changes its Mail System to the new Telstra Mail system but I hope this helps in the mean time.

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