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Login to Bigpond Email

It appears that Telstra has contracted its webmail service to Microsoft. It also looks like Microsoft is now in control of Big Pond Webmail  via Outlook Live.


My problem is logging into my Big Pond emails. We have had a Hotmail email account since the year dot; but now the Hotmail and Big Pond webmail services are somehow technically linked.


When I try to login to Big Pond webmail, I get a security window pop-up asking me to apply for a code (either by phone or my Hotmail email). When I go through the rigmarole and get a code I enter it into the box provided in the popup window and my Big Pond Emails are at last displayed.


After 3 sessions with Telstra tech assist staff (Who all appear to be scared to death of getting a bad report on their performance) I have found that they don't have a clue as to why this security popup is happening. Each time I am transferred to a superior technician each of whom have been sugary polite but also clueless. During my last call it was suggested that I could be put in touch with their 'Supa Dupa' tech unit to solve the problem. "But Sir, it will cost you a fee to do so". I quickly pointed out that this is a Telstra/Big Pond problem and not of my making therefore they are responsible for fixing it.


Eventually, a fix was found -viz. By changing my Big Pond Webmail password . I have now reset my password twice. Each time I gain access to my emails around 3 times. Then the system reverts back to the security popup.


I had come to the conclusion that the problem may have something to do with not logging out of Hotmail. However, I have bee very careful to log out of both email accounts recently but the popup has popped up again.


That's the story - anyone got an answer??



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Login to Bigpond Email

Hi Bimbimbi, 


This is certainly bizarre.


It could be possible that your browser is saving login details and passwords for the same webpage and causing the issue.   Can you try logging onto one of your email accounts with a different web browser? Preferably one you've never used before or after clearing the cache and resetting the browser.  


See if this stops the window pop-up and cross contamination of your webmail.



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