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Lost email history

I had to refresh my computer yesterday which then required me to reload programs.  When opening outlook express, only the new emails received are showing.


Am I am to see my email history, both messages received and sent though bigpond??


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Re: Lost email history

Hi jodie,

This will depend on how your email account was configured before the refresh to the computer.

Most email programs will download the messages to the pc.

If you didn't back them up before you refreshed your pc then unfortunately they are gone for good, not even BigPond can restore them as once they get downloaded they're not 


If on the off chance your email client didn't download the messages to your pc then they should have downloaded once you setup the mail client on your pc again.  But as it sounds like this hasn't happened then I'd suspect they're gone.


By the sounds of it you've lost all previous history, if you do happen to still have the old mail client acccessable you can probably back them up and restore them into the new mail client.  Other than that the emails are gone forever Smiley Sad  Probably not what you wanted to hear but I'm sure you'd rather hear the truth than be told a lie Smiley Happy

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