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Migrating BigPond POP3 on Outlook 2007 to iMAP

Hi All,


A few years ago I migrated my old BigPond POP3 mail account across to iMAP using a backend tool the Telstra BigPond mail team provided to me at the time which was not a good experience, the reason being was I lost a lot of mail and folders which I never recovered. My wife is asking me to migrate her account and I am very hesitant as I do not want a repeat of what happened to me years ago. Is there a tried and proven method to successfully migrate an existing POP3 mail account to iMAP without the risk of losing folders and mail contained within those folders?

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Re: Migrating BigPond POP3 on Outlook 2007 to iMAP

If your using outlook 2007 just create a new account for the email address using the IMAP server settings. Make sure that "New Outlook data file" is selected for Delivery New Messages to. After the second account for the mail box has been set up you can drag all the messages and custom folders from the existing account to the new account. You can then safely delete the old POP3 email account from outlook.


Use the following server settings for new account.


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Re: Migrating BigPond POP3 on Outlook 2007 to iMAP

Thanks so much for the prompt reply cf4,


I'll give this a try and post my experience when complete. Much appreciated!

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