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Mulitple Accounts and no access to email?

I am in an infuriating message cycle with Telstra where I explain my issue - they promise to assist and solve but don't until a new person takes over and I have to explain my problem(s) all over again!
To summarise:
1)My webmail account  had 116K + in the inbox and my emails were bouncing. I asked for assistance in deleting as webmail only allows 50 deletes at a time. I had no help and the emails remained.
2) Since then my webmail seems to have disappeared. An email we rarely if ever used is the only email showing and Telstra can't even SEE my other email address?
3) I can not sign into Telstra TV or Telstra Locator with my ID despite changing and verifying the password many times. I can use the ID to sign into My Telstra but not the apps? Which led me to discover:
I seem to have 2 ID'sand 2 accounts?
The info in the main one is not even all correct with a very outdated landline and an unrelated gmail email adddress? My FB account was hacked recently and I am worried this is all connected and that my acc has been compromised? But I can't seem to get any help!!

Kirsten Waters Thermomix Consultant

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