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Multiple Telstra genuine emails asking for password resets

Today, and importantly tonight, I have received nearly a dozen and a half request from Telstra for with the message "Forgotten your Telstra ID password?" as if someone is hitting the forgotten password button. A genuine header and links addressed to me with links My Telstra ID to reset my password. When I rang Telstra today, they didn't seem too interested and tonight in one hit at 2200 another seven of them. Surely there is something in Telstra's security being alert to someone making multiple password rest requests to my account or is this an internal Telstra fault?

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Re: Multiple Telstra genuine emails asking for password resets

Hi @Cannulator 


First thing to do is ignore them and don't click on any links. They might look authentic but could be a scam. And of course if you didn't do the request it could be someone trying to reset theirs, but don't realise they are misspelling with your email address.


Hopefully it will die down.


I haven't seen any other posts on here with a similar issue recently. So if it is a fault its not wide spread presently.

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