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My IP is Blacklisted on Spamhaus

I recently started to have some not all of my outgoing emails blocked. I use as a free mail account for my business. I called Telstra and they remoted into my mac and was going to search for an apparent virus but that never happened instead the previously working outgoing mail server details were changed and all seemed ok til today when again I got an outgoing email to a client with an invoice for him to pay returned to me undelivered. I had to send the email to my gmail account and hope it go there - then very unprofessionally on send the invoice to my client from my personal email account. I have now been subscribed to some VIP Telstra support system so hopefully that extra monthly expense gets me somewhere ?

I need a tech to investigate and I think the best solution os to change my IP at home - its meant to be a dynamic IP but for some reason its static and its the IP thats blocked  

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Re: My IP is Blacklisted on Spamhaus

If you've been signed up to Telstra Platinum, I'd recommend giving them a call on 137 587.
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