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Outgoing mail from Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011



I am trying to set up my Outlook for Mac 2011.


I can receive emails from my email, but I cannot send them.

My ISP is Internode.


I have the current settings in Preferences:

outgoing server:

port: 25

nothing else ticked 

authentication: use incoming server info


I have tried changing the port to 26 using 'overide default port'

I have tried changing the authentication to: 'use name and password'

I have tried changing the outgoing mail server to:


None of this works.

Outlook tries to send the mail, then I get a Error code -3259 on the Errors list. Cannot connect to the server.


I have 3 other email accounts (microsoft and gmail email accounts) that are all functioning OK. On my list of email accounts in the Preferences tab, these 3 accounts have green circles next to them, while the Bigpond account does not.


What am I doing wrong?!!!


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Re: Outgoing mail from Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011

You can't relay. No ISP will allow this. At least internode have a sercue server. Are you sure you're not been migrated to the or Failing all that there are ways via gmail.


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Re: Outgoing mail from Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011

Hi Dave,


Thanks for the reply.

I have no idea regarding the being migrated to or 

I have a feeling this was done last year, but I am not sure.

What is that and how do I know? Also, if I have, does it mean I can fix it??!!!!


Re gmail, what do you suggest?




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