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Outlook won’t accept e mail address and password

Outlook or Windows mail will not allow me to set up my secondary e mail address as an account. Password and e mail address work fine in web mail but not accepted in Outlook or windows. Recently started using Office 365. Accepts primary e mail account fine but not the secondary. Checked all the imap settings multiple times, all ok. Very puzzled.

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Re: Outlook won’t accept e mail address and password

Telstra/Bigpond accounts in email clients like Outlook, have an inordinate amount of trouble it seems.. personally I haven't experienced it but I think I am just lucky to not be on one of the problem servers..


Some info is available here..  


then click on the What IMAP, POP, SMTP..  link/button


I personally think IMAP is better then POP email..  but that is just how I roll - I don't keep email on the Telstra servers, I download it with clients on different devices and IMAP is good at synchronising those devices. Once I have the emailin my client (Outlook or GMail) I can manage it myself, sort it, save it, archive it and back it up as I wish.


A couple of things that might help..

1. When setting up the email account, use the server that matches the domain of the email account you have.  If you  have your.email,account@telstra.com then use the imap/pop/smtp.telstra.com server and if it is a bigpond email, replace the telstra with bigpond  

2. Increase the server timeout period

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