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PC and Bigpond webmail

When I try to access webmail on my PC using Firefox, the page stalls with blue squares pulsing on it but no mail. Is this a firefox problem?

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Re: PC and Bigpond webmail

There have been reports of issues with Webmail using Firefox. Some success has been had with updating Firefox or reinstalling it using the latest version. So it is worth trying those options.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: PC and Bigpond webmail

It seems to be a problem with firefox as a lot of people have the same problem when using firefox. It doesn't effect everyone as I can access web mail using firefox.


Suggest you open Web consul before logging into Web mail to see if this indicates what is causing the problem. To open Web consul go to Menu (Three horizontal bars top right of Firefox) > Web Developer > Web Consul) or press Ctr+Shift+K

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Re: PC and Bigpond webmail

Found a fix for firefox and Telstra web email not loading.

Go to

Control Panel > Programs and Features >

right click on on Firefox and choose uninstall > REFRESH

This fixes the Telstra email loading problem without losing all your passwords for logins.

You will however have to reload any addons that were installed.



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